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  1. Bead Brak-R

    Bead Brak-R

    Bead Brak-R A levering device that's used to remove the rubber tyre from the metal rim. BestRest Products Bead Brak-R tyre irons *For Tubeless Tyres* Learn More
  2. Tyre Gauge

    Tyre Gauge

    EZ Air tyre gauge. The perfect companion to the CyclePump inflator. It can be use either as a stand-alone product or can be added in-line between the CyclePump and the tyre. The gauge is fitted with an air bleed button to release air if the tyres are over inflated. It is also calibrated in both PSI and BAR. This is an extremely accurate analogue gauge and is a pleasure to use – tyre pressure management doesn’t get any easier than this! The gauge is supplied with a rubber surround and a storage pouch to help to protect it. Size in pouch – H 38mm x W 152mm x L 152mm Weight – 340 grams Air hose fitted with a Straight Connector Chuck Learn More
  3. BeadSetR


    The BeadSetR is a tubeless tyre mounting system It “sets” the tire sidewalls against the rim and establishes an initial airtight seal. Once you have that airtight seal you can begin to build air pressure in the tire and "seat the bead". Without that initial airtight seal the tire will never expand, inflate, or seat properly against the rim. At first glance the BeadSetR may look like a regular ratchet strap.... but it's not. Instead, it's a 1" ratcheting strap WITHIN a 2" outer strap. This eliminates friction between the rubber tread and the tensioning strap. A plastic slider eliminates friction between the ratchet and the tread. The result is an easy, uniform expansion of the tire sidewalls, without collapsing the tread. The BeadSetR is designed for use on tubeless tires, but it’s also compatible with tires that have tubes. Tube tires rely on the inner tube to inflate and expand, which seats the bead against the rim (usually). Stubborn tires need help to fully seat the bead, and the BeadSetR gives you that help. Learn More
  4. Spoke Spanner

    Spoke Spanner

    Regular Price: £15.75

    Special Price £6.00

    Universal spoke spanner. • Buzzetti brand spoke spanner • Open end type • Suitable for the following 6 nipple sizes: 1. 5.6mm 2. 5.7mm 3. 6.0mm 4. 6.3mm 5. 6.6mm 6. 6.8mm Learn More
  5. Valve Caps

    Valve Caps

    Regular Price: £2.09

    Special Price £1.20

    Valve caps • Key type. • Set of 4. Learn More
  6. Valve Cores

    Valve Cores

    Regular Price: £2.09

    Special Price £1.20

    Valve cores • Short type. • Set of 4. Learn More
  7. Tubed Tyre Repair Kit

    Tubed Tyre Repair Kit

    Regular Price: £4.17

    Special Price £2.40

    Weldtite Cure-c-Cure Motorcycle puncture outfit. Kit Includes: • 6 individual patches • Rough paper • Tube of adhesive • Chalk Learn More
  8. Cycle Pump with Right Angled Connector Chuck

    Cycle Pump with Right Angled Connector Chuck

    The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that's specially hardened for motorcycle applications. US Patent 29/557,770. To run the CyclePump connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike's electrical accessory socket or the terminals of a battery). Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire. The CyclePump is proudly made in the USA by Best Rest Products. They don't use fragile plastic components that can easily break when you drop it on the ground. They've armoured the switch and other components so the unit is virtually indestructible. It's ready for an around-the-world expedition. Tire inflation time varies by tire size, air density, voltage, laden or unladen tire load, and other factors, but as a practical rule the CyclePump will fill a front tire in 2-3 minutes and a rear tire in 3-5 minutes. Topping off a few extra pounds takes less than a minute. Technical specs: The aluminium case is less than 2" high x 4" wide x 6" long. With all the wires and power connectors and hose the storage pouch dimensions are 2x6x9". Weight is 36 ounces. Cycle Pump with Right Angled Connector Chuck Size – H 50mm x W 102mm x L 153mm Size in pouch with power wires – H 50mm x W 102mm x L 228mm Weight – 964 grams Power Draw - approximately 10 amps Air Hose Length – 457mm with right angled connector chuck Power Cord – 2.44 metres Power plugs fit BMW, cigarette and 2-prong SAE connectors Also supplied with Battery alligator clips which attach to any 12 volt battery Right Angled connector chuck Learn More
  9. BeadSpreader

    BestRest BeadSpreader (™) NO TYRE IRON

    Regular Price: £24.95

    Special Price £18.00

    This kit contains one (1) BeadSpreader only. It does NOT contain one of our BestRest BeadBrakR® tyre irons needed for operation. (other brands of tyre irons won’t work because they lack the hole which is part of our patented system). Order this kit if you already have one of our BeadBrakR tyre irons. If you don’t have our tyre irons, order the kit with the BeadSpreader AND BeadBrakR tyre iron ( Depending on the size of your tyres and rims, you may be OK with 1 BeadSpreader bracket. Watch our YouTube video and you’ll see what we mean. Generally speaking, small trail bike tyres require only 1 BeadSpreader. Larger bikes require 2 of them. The BeadSpreader bracket weighs only 45 grams, measures 25mm x 75mm. It’ll easily fit in your tool pouch. BeadSpreaders are sold individually, meaning you get ONE (1) per order. If you want TWO of them enter the quantity TWO (2) Learn More
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