Max Pannier Systems

If you are looking for a safe and secure means of transporting your belongings on your next bike trip, look no further than one of our max pannier systems. With everything you need in one package to successfully attach the system to your motorbike, heading off on the yearly bike tour has never been easier. If you would like to speak to us about our systems, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01202 810438.

What do you need to know about max pannier systems?

Max Pannier Systems

Pannier systems have been around for donkey’s years – quite literally- as they were originally attached to horses and donkeys to help with the transportation of goods. These days, they are more associated with cycle bikes and motorbikes, with the design concept having changed slightly to meet the demands of the motorcycle market.

As an alternative to soft luggage systems, our max pannier systems have been manufactured to ensure that motorcycle riders benefit from a secure and spacious luggage option.  Available to purchase in sizes as large as 38L, you no longer need to worry about the arduous decision of what to take and what to leave.

Our max pannier systems

First of all, each of our systems have been designed to the specifications of individual makes and models.  From Honda to Triumph, make sure that you invest in the right system for your motorbike for a seamless and hassle-free integration.

Each of our systems contains two large panniers, constructed from 2mm high-grade (5251 H22) aluminium throughout. Combined with stainless steel rivets for unbeatable strength, you won’t find a better product on the market. Even better is the design meets the IP66 water and dust proofing classifications, which means you can rest assured that your belongings won’t be damaged out on the road. In fact, our max panniers are recommended by Ride magazine – a prestigious status.

Also included in the kit is the frames and fitting instructions. We design the frames to fit unique specifications. That way, they can be attached without the need for special adaptations. The affixing of our systems has been designed to be as easy as possible. Once the frames are attached, locking the panniers into place shouldn’t take you any longer than 5 seconds due to the innovative Q-Fit mechanism. Once they are locked, they are securely attached and won’t disengage, even at speed.

Why should you choose Metal Mule?

Max Pannier Systems

Here at Metal Mule, you can purchase systems straight from the horse’s mouth. All of our products have been designed in-house by our team of experts and manufactured to an outstanding level of quality, which is reflected in the price of our products.  

All of our max pannier systems have been rigorously tested by external organisations and are often referred to as ‘arguably the most trusted pannier on the market’. With that the case, all of our products strongly appeal to serious, experienced bikers who require fantastic quality that will last for many years.

At Metal Mule, we like to say that our systems are ‘adventure proof’, and ‘built to withstand the sands of time’. In fact, our max panniers come with a lifetime warranty, which is still valid even if you change bikes!

We believe people should have easy access to purchasing our superior quality products, which is why we developed a secure site through which our customers could invest in the item they require.

Customers can easily navigate to their required product using the selection tool. If you have any questions regarding our max pannier systems, our team of experts are ready to provide you with honest advice – just give us a call on 01202 810438.

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If you have a question or simply feel more comfortable ordering your product over the phone, give us a call on 01202 810438. Alternatively, you can use our contact form on our website or email us at [email protected].