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If you’re looking for the best rear racks for your bike, there’s no need to look anywhere else as Metal Mule have you covered. No matter the bike you ride, we have something that will fit like a charm, so don’t settle for second best. Get top quality rear racks from a company that knows what they are doing by calling us on 01202 810 438.

What Is A Rear Rack?

A luggage carrier or, as it’s best known by its other name, the rear rack, is installed on the back of a bike or motorcycle. They are a necessity for anyone who wishes to carry anything on their bike and needs the storage space.

A rear rack provides a stable framework for your motorcycle to hold gear and luggage which can be strapped directly onto the rack without a need for a cover. Some luggage racks allow panniers on your bike while others can carry a combination of bags, however this all depends on the rack systems. Bike racks can be a permanent fixture or temporary depending on your needs. The need to easily remove them whenever needed is a handy feature.

Some of the best accessories to use with your rack are bungee cords, so that you can hold larger items onto the rack and keep them in place without any issues, a basket on the rack to carry heavier and bigger items or use it as a passenger seat if someone needs a ride. No matter the use, a rear rack is a must for a functional, everyday bike in constant use.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Rear Rack?

There are various advantages to having a motorcycle rear rack. Motorcycle luggage racks are very versatile and durable, and you can easily remove and adjust them to suit any bike. They come in various sizes and strengths to ensure they fit all a rider’s needs. Due to the diverse range of racks, people have the freedom of choice to pick a bike rack that best suits their needs.

Due to the durability of different racks, it doesn’t matter if you’re going for a long drive, off road, or just travelling a short distance as they’re going to stay in place and do what you need them to do without breaking or causing any damage to your bike. They also fit attachments such as luggage baskets to ensure you can take a maximum amount with you wherever you’re going.

How To Choose Your Rear Rack?

No matter the motorcycle, there will always be a motorcycle luggage rack that fits. It all depends on why you want one. If you’re looking to make long distance journeys, it’s important to have a strong rack that’s going to take the strain, which goes for travelling with heavy items as well so that it can withstand the weight of any luggage.

It’s important to identify how you use your bike and exactly what you’re going to use your bike for so that you can choose the best rear rack for you, Make sure you get expert advice before installing the wrong one.

Why Choose Metal Mule?

At Metal Mule, we’re dedicated to ensuring everyone has the best equipment on their bikes. With our very own products both designed and built within the UK, we’re the leading bike brand of choice. We use no compromise quality materials so you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.

With our affordable prices. we won’t be beaten. You get what you pay for and our products last whether that be our luggage racks, panniers or anything else you fit on your bike. With our excellent customer service, amazing products, and adventurous natures, there’s no wonder they call Metal Mule “adventure proof”.

All our products are built to survive. They’re 100% waterproof and totally hand crafted for the best results. We offer our customers nothing but the best for their money. We have everything your motorbike needs and that’s why our repeat customers can’t get enough. With all our top rated 5 star reviews you’d be mad to go anywhere else.

Our Selection 

We have a wide selection of rear racks available at Metal Mule from the top brands and all with affordable prices. If you’re after a motorcycle rear rack, you’re in luck because we have the best motorcycle rear racks on the market. There’s no point looking anywhere else.

We stock brands from Honda, Suzuki, KTM and so many more, so you’ll be sure to find the best luggage carrier to match your dream bike.

  • KTM Rear RacksRear Racks
  • Yamaha Rear Racks
  • Kawasaki Rear Racks
  • Triumph Rear
  • BMW Rear Racks
  • Buell Rear Racks

Other Available Products

At Metal Mule, we don’t just offer our customers the best luggage carriers on the market that money has to offer. We also provide our customers with a range of products, made for all motorcycles no matter the brand or design.

Our soft luggage systems are the perfect solution for commuters who use their rear racks for everyday use, able to hold large amounts of weight and in various designs to suit everyone. You’ll find most of our motorcycle rear racks are able to take our various top boxes that we have for sale at affordable prices. These top boxes offer valuable protection to your possessions and are well worth the investment.

We stock top line maintenance and repair kits for all your bike needs so you don’t need to worry about breaking down without a solution. We also have an extensive list of general accessories.

All our products come with full instructions so that you can use your purchases to the fullest. You don’t need to worry about complicated installations with our hassle free products. To ensure you maximise the use of your motorbike and keep it safe and secure, make sure you have the best equipment.

Contact The Motorbike Rear Rack Specialists

If you’re looking for the best rear racks and luggage carriers on the market, Metal Mule have you covered. Our dedicated team knows all there is to know about bikes, so call us on 01202 810 438.

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