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Are you looking planning a tour of Europe or are you looking for motorcycle luggage for your everyday commute? Well if so, Metal Mule have you covered. Stocking an extensive and varied range of motorcycle luggage, from travel bags to soft luggage systems and panniers, we’re guaranteed to have everything you need to meet your touring needs and requirements. As the leading specialist for reliable and long withstanding motorcycle luggage systems are products are truly incomparable - built to weather any adventure, at an unmatched and cost-effective price, get in contact with Metal Mule today on 01202 810438.

Start your adventure now with our renowned selection of motorcycle luggage

One of the significant drawbacks of motorcycles is their distinct lack of storage space. Whether you are planning a road trip around the many corners of the globe or are merely wanting to pop to the shops, robust and dependable storage for your motorcycle is a must. As the brand of choice for those who regularly partake in serious adventure riding, our superb range of motorcycle luggage systems is a first-class solution for the lack of storage space on your bike.

Here at Metal Mule, we have a full and diverse range of adventure proof products to choose from, supplying anything you need to help kick-start your voyage. In fact, we are internationally renowned for manufacturing the most trusted Pannier available on the market, so we certainly know a thing or two about the top of the range, expert quality bike storage.

Our area of expertise is not limited to Pannier motorcycle luggage solutions, we also have a wide range of soft motorcycle luggage and hard top boxes options to suit all needs, requirements and budgets. We are entirely confident that our state-of-the-art systems will dramatically benefit your next adventure on your bike, giving you the capacity you need to get on the road.

For more information about our comprehensive range of motorcycle luggage products, please continue reading. Please do not hesitate to give our specialist team a call today if you are unsure about which products would best suit your requirements. We will be more than happy to offer honest advice and recommendations as well as answering any queries you may have.

The best motorcycle luggage options for your journey

Want a soft luggage bag for your daily commute? We stock them. Looking for a medium capacity top box? We’ve got plentiful of them. Regardless of your requirements, needs and budgets, we have something to suit everyone here at Metal Mule, from some of the most loved motoring brands such as:


We have a great selection of hard luggage solutions to equip your bike for the fiercest and lengthiest journeys here at Metal Mule. For the ultimate in cargo protection, there is only one company and product that springs to mind – our adventure proof, Max Panniers. We are so confident in the durability of our famed panniers that we offer a lifetime warranty that stays with you however often you change your bike. Just to be warned, we guarantee you that you will give up long before our UTE Panniers or Max Panniers do.

We encourage you to have a browse through our ‘Panniers only’ page to fully explore our comprehensive list of products.

Top boxes

For those of you who are looking for more than just a metal box to store your possessions in securely, we have got you covered with a selection of cutting-edge Top Boxes. Ideal for all types of motorcycles, our sturdy and durably built top boxes are easy to use and remove. In fact, our innovative Q-fit attachment system allows you to take the luggage off your bike in up to five seconds! With a 32 litre maximum capacity, our extensive selection of top boxes is a fantastic solution to optimise your motorbike luggage space.

Soft luggage systems

If you are looking for a more lightweight storage option, our Kriega inner bag is a fantastic alternative to the heavy duty 45 litre Max Panniers we stock. This high-quality product allows the storage to be extended from 31 to 38 to 45 litres but can be also be used an excellent carry-on flight bag.

Additional adventure proof products we stock

Although we are leading specialists in manufacturing the most optimum motorcycle luggage systems on the market currently, we also proudly stock a varied range of other products that will assist you on your journey. Before heading out on your most recent adventure, be sure to find a stockist near you to make sure you are prepped for your latest and greatest escapade.

Why should you choose Metal Mule’s motorcycle luggage systems?

Born out of the frustration of not being able to find a secure, robust and long withstanding motorcycle luggage solution, we have fast become the premium and only choice for reliable bike storage. With our wealth of trade experience and all-encompassing knowledge of the industry and its requirements, we’ve certainly got you covered for all of your motoring needs here at Metal Mule.

One thing is for sure, all of our products are built to not only survive but thrive in the harshest of conditions, impact and temperatures, handcrafted from the highest grade materials available. As a matter of fact, renowned Double Guinness World Record holders Kevin and Julia Sanders of leading travel expedition company Globe Busters are firm fans of our Metal Mule motorcycle luggage systems. So, you’re definitely in good hands when you choose our state of the art bike storage products.

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