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Are you looking to increase the storage capacity of your motorcycle? Perhaps you tire of having to sling a rucksack on your back or trying to cram everything into a tight little storage box under the seat. With panniers, your options become more numerous, and with pannier frames, you’ll have the means to affix these panniers firmly and safely to your motorcycle. At Metal Mule, we’ve made it our mission to supply customers with top-quality motorcycle accessories that greatly enhance the experience.

To find out more, browse our website, read on or give the Metal Mule team a call today on +44 (0)1202 810438.


What is a Pannier Frame?

Pannier frames are front, rear, and back-mounted accessories that can be easily attached to any brand of motorcycle. As the name implies, they are frames to which panniers can be attached. A pannier can be a hardened storage container or even a soft luggage option. Both are designed to provide added storage space, greatly increasing the capacity of your motorcycle.

Here at Metal Mule, we’re proud to supply a wide range of pannier accessories for motorcycles, specifically frames, with options to suit all makes and models. All our frames come with fittings and instructions, so can be easily fitted by anyone.


What Are the Benefits of Having A Pannier Frame?

There are several benefits that make investing in pannier frames and excellent decision. First, there’s no need to wear a rucksack (though you can if you’d prefer the extra capacity). Second, the frames jut out from the bike, and so keep the panniers well away from you and the motorcycle. A pannier rack ensures that any luggage is firmly attached and won’t become detached during transit, which could cause a hazard to you and other motorists.

Finally, and the most obvious reason, is that frames for panniers allow you to equip panniers, greatly increasing your motorcycle’s storage capacity in the process.


How to Choose Your Pannier Frame

First, you want to choose pannier frames that are intended for the specific make and model you happen to be driving. There’s little point in choosing a Yamaha frame and trying to slap it on a Kawasaki. While it might fit, it was never intended for that make or model and so won’t give you an optimal outcome. You should also consider placement – traditionally, frames are installed to the rear of the motorcycle.

You can have ones installed at the front of the motorcycle too, though if you’re only going to be carrying moderate loads, a rear rack will be sufficient.


Yamaha Tenere 700 Pannier Frames


Why Choose Metal Mule?

Metal Mule’s are truly incomparable and represent one of the finest storage pannier solutions on the market. So, if you’re opting for one of these, it’s only logical that you seek out the best pannier accessories. Metal Mule remains the go-to option for motorcycle owners, having built an impressive reputation and a loyal client base. Our products are all designed and built here in the UK using premium quality materials and are built to withstand the sands of time.

All our pannier frames are made to an exacting standard; we’re confident you won’t find a finer selection anywhere else. Read on to find out more.


Our Selection

Here at Metal Mule, we boast one of the largest selections of high-quality pannier racks to be found anywhere. We boast an excellent range of products built for all the big, well-known brands. So, whether you’re cruising around on a Triumph or releasing the throttle of a Honda, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your luggage is secure.


KTM Pannier Frames

Our outstanding range of KTM pannier frames is designed and built here in the UK, engineered for models ranging from the 690 Enduro to the LC4 640 Adventure. Among our products, you’ll find great options such as our KTM LC4 640 Adventure Pannier Frames and our incredible KTM 690 Enduro Pannier Frames, among others.


Yamaha Pannier Frames

From the MT09 Tracer to the XT660Z Tenere, whatever Yamaha motorcycle you happen to be riding around on, you’ll find we stock an excellent range of quality frames for panniers. These include our MT09 Tracer Pannier Frames and our XT660Z Tenere Pannier Frames, along with many more options to be found on our website.


Kawasaki Pannier Frames

With models such as the KLR650 A, C, and E, the Kawasaki line of motorcycles enjoys a proud a prestigious reputation as one of the most popular choices for motorbike enthusiasts. And we have a whole host of excellent luggage options too, including KLR650 A Frames, KLR650 C Frames, and KLR650 E Frames.


Triumph Pannier Frames

As with all our other brands, are Triumph pannier accessories for motorcycles are all made with scalloped joints and TIG welding technology to ensure exceptional strength. They are developed with the bike’s overall width in mind and offer a variety of options, such as the Triumph Tiger 1050 *Standard* Pannier Frames.


BMW Pannier Frames

Take one look at great products like our BMW F800GS Adventure Pannier Frames or our BMW R1200GS WC 2013 Onwards/ R1200GS WC Adventure 2014 *Standard* Pannier Frames, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Individually designed for each model for an exact fit, all our frames come with a stability bridge to connect the rear of the frames.


Yamaha Tenere 700 Pannier Frames


Buell Pannier Frames

What makes Metal Mule pannier accessories for motorcycles so worth the investment is the way in which each one is constructed using 18mm mild-steel tube with a wall thickness of 2mm. Such durability cannot be found in other frames, making products like the Buell Ulysses Pannier Frames a superior choice.


Royal Enfield Pannier

Whether you’re opting for our Royal Enfield 500 C5 Classic Pannier Frames, our Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI Pannier Frames, or something else entirely, you won’t be disappointed. All our frames are designed to bolt directly to three or more fixing points. No drilling or machining is required to attach these frames firmly and safely.


Honda Pannier Frames

Sporting laser cut brackets and a fully welded design, our incredible Honda frames for panniers are a cut above the rest. Only at Metal Mule will you find such magnificent options as the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin ABS (Dec 2015 – 2017) Standard Pannier Frames, Honda XLV700 Transalp Pannier Frames or the Honda XLV650 Transalp Pannier Frames.


Suzuki Pannier Frames

If you’re looking to equip your Suzuki with Metal Mules, you’ll need a top-quality rack, and ours are fully compatible. Take the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom (Up to 2012) Pannier Frames as a prime example. Simply attach these frames, and you can attach any of our proprietary storage solutions.


Triumph Scrambler 1200 Pannier Frames


CCM Pannier Frames

If you’re the proud owner of a CCM motorcycle, you’ll want to take a look at our great range of pannier accessories for motorcycles. We have fantastic products, like our CCM GP450 (2014 Onwards) Pannier Frames which, like all our other frames, sport a superb finish. Each frame is shot blasted, etched primed and powder coated in matt black cromadex.


Other Available Products

Now you’ve had a chance to read for yourself about some of the many great pannier frames we supply; you might have found what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something else, rest assured that you’ve come to the premium supplier of motorcycle accessories. At Metal Mule, you’ll find a wide range of products, designed and built here in the UK, including:

  • UTE and MAX Pannier Systems
  • Maintenance and Repair Kits
  • Soft Luggage Systems
  • EnduristanTM
  • General Accessories
  • Rear Racks and More!

Whatever you need to greatly enhance your motorcycle experience, you’ll find it here and so much more.


Get in Touch

Having read through to the end, we hope you’re now better informed and more confident that contacting Metal Mule is the next, logical step. Remember that you can find out more information about any of our products simply by accessing our easily navigable website. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can quickly reach out to our team by calling us on +44 (0)1202 810438, dropping us an email at or filling out our online contact form.


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