Triumph Scrambler Luggage

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast currently searching the web for Triumph Scrambler luggage at the best possible price? You can stop now that you’ve found Metal Mule – an online stockist and manufacturer of only the highest quality motorcycle accessories. Visit our website to see our full selection or give us a call on 01202 810 438 to speak to a customer service advisor.

Triumph Scrambler luggage offered by Metal Mule

Metal Mule was born in 2007 out of frustration at our inability to find a system that was 100% safe and secure. Our selection of Triumph Scrambler luggage and other world famous panniers are products of their environment in that they are built to survive and even thrive in even the most extreme weather conditions. No matter the terrain or level of constant impact your bike will be hit with, the Metal Mule will stay super strong, incredibly secure and completely waterproof.

Metal Mule Triumph Scrambler luggage has been hand crafted from the highest quality source materials available on the market. While these materials combined with the focus on attention and quality that we put into each and every product doesn’t come cheap, we believe Metal Mule products are priced within the reach of people who are serious about adventure bike riding. We have also recently released UTE pannier systems with a lower entry price which means that there will be a Metal Mule to suit almost all budgets.

All Metal Mule products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. We have become the brand of choice for everyone who truly understands the challenges and demands involved with serious adventure riding. We are proud to call Metal Mule “adventure proof” because of how well it can withstand all kinds of adverse conditions. Just be warned that you’ll be giving up long before the Metal Mule does.Triumph Scrambler Luggage

On top of our excellent selection of Triumph Scrambler luggage, Metal Mule stocks a wide variety of products for other well-known industry brands including all of the following:

Reasons to buy your Triumph Scrambler luggage from Metal Mule

All Metal Mule panniers come with a lifetime guarantee regardless of how many times you change your bike – the Triumph Scrambler luggage we offer is no exception to this rule. Whether you’re looking to order the Triumph Scrambler 31L & 38L UTE Pannier System or the Triumph Scrambler 31L & 45L UTE Pannier System, you can be completely sure about the high quality of their construction.

If you’re ready to order your Triumph Scrambler luggage, simply add the items to your cart – shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. To see where your nearest Metal Mule stockist is, use our handy shop locator.

There are many excellent testimonials online praising the sturdiness and build quality of Metal Mule products. We have even been endorsed by renowned two time Guinness World Record holders Kevin and Julia Sanders (the creators of the world famous travel expedition company GlobeBusters) who had the following to say about our range:

“Tens of thousands of miles of extreme adventure riding and years of experience have proven to us nothing else matches up to a Mule.”

Check out our website to see more of our selection that includes Triumph Scrambler luggage as well as all of the following products:


If you have any more questions about our products or if you’d like an update on an order that hasn’t arrived yet, just contact us by calling 01202 810 438 now. We also have a simple contact form on our website, or you can reach us by e-mail at [email protected]